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시대유감(時代遺憾) (2024 Remastered Ver.) - regret of the times 서태지와 아이들(Seotaiji And Boys)


서태지와 아이들의 전설적인 얼터너티브 록 ‘시대유감 (時代遺憾)’(1996)이 2024년 리마스터 되었다. 서태지와 아이들 4집 컴백홈에 연주곡으로 수록되었다가 1996년에 발매된 시대유감 싱글에 보컬 버전이 수록되었다. 이 곡은 공연윤리위원회의 사전심의제 폐지에 큰 영향을 주었다.
Seotaiji and Boys’ legendary alternative rock song “Regret of the times” (1996) was remastered in 2024.

This song was included as the instrumental song in Seotaiji and Boys’ 4th album - Title song: Come Back Home - in October, 1995., and the vocal version was released in July, 1996 in Republic of Korea.

This song had a great influence on the abolition of the pre-deliberation system, which was managed by Performance Ethics Committee in Republic of Korea.

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