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12 Views· 2023/05/25· Travel & Events

HUGE Princesspolly Haul 2022 : How Coffees Would Dress


How different coffees would dress, their personalities and what that says about you and your choice of coffee! Personally I think I'm a cappuccino... which coffee are you? and I didn't feature one, drop your faves down below for the next video!

Skip to: 1:55 to view the full Princesspolly haul!

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Clothing shown:
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/winslow-mini-skirt-cream Size: US 4
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/remi-lingerie-set-chocolate?variant=32914432032852. Size US 4
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/downtown-top US 4
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/mvp-track-pant?variant=32313463767124. Size US 6
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/evant-tee-cream?variant=32397854146644 US 6
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/military-minds-long-sleeve-mini-dress-white?variant=31958762684500. Size 4
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/the-classic-crop-tee-white-earth-club?variant=32855713185876 US 6
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/endless-love-corset-top?variant=30124892454996 US 6
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/tanna-midi-skirt-pink?variant=32892148383828 Size S/M

Accessories/ Shoes:
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/the-viv-ring. Ring size 7
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/recycled-metal-the-simi-ring-set Ring size 7
https://us.princesspolly.com/products/billini-finley-knee-high-western-boot-white. Size US 10

Music Used:
Music by Elli Moore - Romeo - https://thmatc.co/?l=6212F591
Music by P-Holla - RSVP - https://thmatc.co/?l=4D163ADF
Music by Brentin Davis - Flint Story - https://thmatc.co/?l=ACD19C48
Music by WABI SABI - pumpkin patch - https://thmatc.co/?l=AEBA2AC3
Music by Mak Mon, Dusty - Burano - https://thmatc.co/?l=630446BE

0:00 Introduction
2:06 Tanna midi skirt in pink
2:28 Endless love corset top
2:54 Winslow mini skirt cream
3:14 The classic crop tee white
3:36 Military minds long sleeve dress white
4:09 Downtown top cream
4:42 Knee high western boot white
5:22 MVP track pant
5:49 Country club tank top

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