Twerking for Pokemon Cards


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Pokemon Go in the Hood Music Video:
Twerkachu - Kat:
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Directed and Edited by Lorenzo Adams (NerdBallerTV)
Filmed by Legend:

The upcoming Nerdcore Hip-Hop Mixtape - "Otaku No Dachi" - will be available on TeriMoni's SoundCloud; Check them out!

Ash Ketchum - Lorenzo Adams: NerdBallerTV
Team Rocket Lead Rapper - Terry:
Twerkachu - Kat:
Team Rocket Grunt #1 - Ivan:
Team Rocket Grunt #2 - William: it's_will on IG

bonus twerk scene at the end of the video ;)


Playin Pokemon GO in da hood
All da Team Rockets niggas always up to no good
Pokemon GO in da hood
yeah Ill catch em all but its rough Ion know If I could
Ion know If Could, Ion know If I could
All da Team Rocket niggas always up to no good
Ion know If Could, Catchem all in the hood
Playin Pokemon GO in da hood, in da hood

verse 1
Some of these routes kinda tough to be stood
When you Play Pokemon Go up in da hood
so my niggas that be trainin, day n nite, they be playin
better watch out where you gamin to get good

I thought I would explore the hood like I'm up on a tour
When I decided to go see that shady pokemon lure
I found no pokemon, but I got jumped and bugged by some thugs
They said give me all your money, you is about to get mugged
I said I ain't got no money but you could have my pokemon, allright
But first you'll have to battle me
I ain't going down without a fight
They said what the hell you sayin, this gone be your last day
Besides we only need your money, so we could just pay to play

I said 'oh yall are one of those guys'
The ones whose stats are all lies
Why do yall even play when you just pay and don't have to try

They said 'if we have nice stats we'll be cool, you don't understand'
You said that you could catchemall, well come and catch these hands

This is a story all about how, we got tie-erd of walking around
And training hard wasint for us, but we wanted to be. the best, in the town
So we didn't join Team Instinct, and we didn't join Team Mystic
and we didn't join Team Valor, we had another team to get in

We tryna buy some incense to catch em all to the finish
So prepare for trouble,,, and make it double, all my trainers in Team Rocket all are brothers
To protect the hood from devastation, to unite all muggins within our nation
To denounce the evils of truth and love, To extend our gat to the stars above

To catch all pokemon doing mugs,
So gimme your money I aint showing love
Yall don't wanna mess with Team Rocket, put your money in our Pocket
we won't blast off, yall cant stop it, and that's for sure
So we set up in an alleyway a shady poke lure,

and sure enough eventually a kid came in taking a tour
Asked my homie if he was ready and he talked that manure
So we waited til it was secure, And snuck up acting obscure
Took his money now our poke careers are insured

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