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Kdrama character's acting


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Drama names are available in the video, comment section and right here in description, watch kdramas on your own liking :)

Drama names -
0:01 - tomorrow
0:57 - Yumi cells
1:08 - my roommate is gumiho
1:33 - hey ghost let's fight
1:52 - ghost doctor
2:20 - hwarang
2:39 - love all play
2:50 - descendants of the sun
3:05 - twenty five twenty one
3:28 - true beauty
3:44 - touch your heart
4:05 - royal secret agent
4:21 - Vincenzo
4:42 - goblin
4:54 - 18 again
5:08 - sh**ting stars
5:16 - Dali and the cocky prince
5:31 - hometown Cha Cha Cha

1. What editor I use?
- it mostly depends on what kind of features I need for my videos but I mainly use youcut (cause it simple)

2. Why did I created this channel?
- I used to watch fan-made video and select what kdramas I like (I liked how those channels guide me) So I created a channel for fans, basically I like introducing kdramas
And I like compliments too.

3. What is the best app to watch kdrama?
- Netflix, Viki, viu, IQIYI are the most trusted app without any inappropriate ads, safe for family purpose (mention more in comments if you know)

4. Where do I get these ideas?
- from my brain or what?

5. Since when & how much kdramas I have watched?
- I am 2017 kdrama fan! I have watched over 280+ kdramas (still counting)

For business enquiries
Contact me on my Instagram
@_.dramamaster._ : https://instagram.com/_.dramam....aster._?igshid=z0eou

❌ Please do not re-upload my videos on YouTube, you can do it on other social platforms with credits
❌ No hatred against any community in the comment section.
✔️ Watch kdramas & enjoy!

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