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what I eat in a day & *WHY* (as a holistic nutritionist)


Taking through what I ate in a day at work, while sharing some simple hacks for making healthier food choices without overthinking it! All foods fit, but adding a variety of whole foods to your diet can increase your current wellness AND help you have a longer, fuller life.

DISCLAIMER: this is one day in my life. It is NORMAL for your hunger and weight to fluctuate. We are in this for the long run, any change you make should be about your long term lifestyle- which for me means balance and not demonizing food.
Health should supplement your life, not overcomplicate it.

0:00 - 0:34 intro
0:34 - 1:11 breakfast, snack
1:11 - 1:41 lunch
1:41 - 6:06 how I make food choices
6:06 - 6:33 afternoon snacks
6:33 - 8:37 workout
8:37 - 10:37 dinner and chat

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